Why I Finnaly Turned FileVault on?

Is security everything?

Ok. So, I am a bit of an IT guy, a nerd you could say. My understandings are lightly broader when it comes to computers then what I find with other citizens.
Even so, I can sometimes be lazy and unresponsible.

In this article, I am gonna share with you why how you can secure your self with a nice feature that Apple has for their users named FileVault. I will talk how critical this is when it comes to security and how easily someone could get your documents or pictures if they would want it, even if you protected your laptop with a password.

It is click here and click there. What could go wrong?

Here is my story. I wanted to switch to a new Mac and easily transfer my account, my data and configuration I made over the years with a Time Machine.

Something went terribly wrong I by the time I wanted to login in on a fresh new mac, my password didn’t work.

I am not gonna go into details here since it is another topic but I googled the problem and found that with a series of specific keystrokes at the right time I managed to go in the bare heart and bones of my Mac and reset my password from there.
Now with my newly set password, I could finally log in.

“Good for you”, some of you might think, but this is where the problem lays.
Whoever has that knowledge and it really isn’t something miraculous could set the password of their choice, login, and take control of your Mac. Basically, you get hacked.

Superhero comes to rescue

By turning FileVault you use something called encryption which is a fancy word for putting all content on your Mac in a bubble making it safe and impossible to access.


In System Preferences, click Security & Privacy. Aim for the FileVault tab.


From here you can choose how you want to be able to unlock your disk and reset your password.

If you lose your password and your recovery key, all files on your disk are lost forever! Store it somewhere safe. Possibly in a drawer in your desk.

Digital is sometimes all we have

If I turned this feature on before my password became invalid there is no way I could go in so easily.

So make yourself safe and do this today! It is one click away.
Let me know in the comments below if you need any help and also what other ways of security steps you took to make it harder for the attacker to make unnecessary damage to you.

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